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b. 1986, HK.

Charlie Swift Freelance Social Media

Having lived in Bristol for almost a decade I think it’s almost impossible not to have been influenced by this city’s wonderful creative spirit.

Over the years residing here I have cultivated an obsession with food, grown my love for live music and developed a passion for supporting and working with independent businesses. It’s been the perfect place to build a career in digital marketing and gain experience both in-house and as part of marketing agencies. I feel privileged to have worked across a wide variety of creative industries and had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing businesses and brands from Bristol and beyond. Now self-employed my days are spent mostly working at my dining table, surrounded by house plants and soundtracked by 6Music.

Creating content is my job, but also my hobby and passion. When not working on client projects, I'm most likely writing for my own blog, or shooting for Instagram. I truly love social media and the connections it brings, so I tend to ignore the negativity that can surround it. In my opinion, the many platforms, programs and apps at our disposal are, ultimately, tools that we can use how we choose. And I choose to share life's ups and downs, everyday adventures and beautiful moments.

The older I get, the more I crave simplicity: I love city life but will escape to nature as much as possible, I mediate daily, do my best to reduce the amount of “stuff” I own and try to be a conscious consumer. I think these are things that can be a great benefit in life and work, especially when running a small business when the line between the two is so often blurred.

I believe that even in the noisy world of social media marketing there is room to strive for thoughtful, heartfelt connections. If you happen to feel the same then I think we'll get on just swell.