Oh hey baby!

Pregnant woman stands by a riverPregnant woman stands by a river

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I recently shared the happy news that I’m expecting our second baby. By February our little family will have a new addition.

Within a couple of months of turning two in December, our first baby Casper will become a big brother. I guess we have a thing with making Winter babies. My husband is of the opinion that the winter is a rather rubbish time to have a birthday, but as an almost winter baby myself – it’s been known to snow on March 1st, including on the day I was born – I always enjoyed having something to look forward to in those darker months. Besides, it feels like a nice time to be pregnant. Conceiving in spring, not being heavily pregnant through summer, resting and nesting through the winter, snuggling up in a cosy newborn bubble and emerging from the fourth trimester as next Spring blooms. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

I’m currently around 16 weeks; the first-trimester sickness has thankfully passed, my clothes are feeling tight, a small but definitely visible bump has appeared. It’s all beginning to feel more real, although I think we’re vaguely in denial that we’ll be welcoming a new little person into our lives in a matter of months. Of course, we’re so excited and grateful but there’s just less time for it to be the sole focus with a toddler around. Practically there’s less to prep and think about this time also – we pretty much have all of the bits and pieces we need already stashed away in the attic.

It feels a little surreal to be pregnant again. In a lot of ways, even at twenty months in, parenthood still feels like such a new experience.  But Casper’s baby days have definitely passed, and honestly, we didn’t want to leave it too long – get too used to our lives with an older kid – before returning to that newborn daze. I’m just so grateful that we get to do this again.

Of course, there’s some apprehension around becoming parents of two – How will I keep up with a busy toddler whilst tending to a newborn? Will I ever find time to work on my business? Will we actually drown under a mountain of dirty washing?! And then there’s our family’s emotional needs and wellbeing. It’s hard not to wonder about how Casper will respond to having a new baby brother or sister, or if there’ll be enough of me to go round – leaving anything left for my husband or myself.

But as much as these are real and valid concerns, to be honest, I’m really not occupying my mind with worries. I know it’s bound to be tough at times but I also believe the new baby will bring immense joy and love into our life. But for now, this little being is quietly and unassumingly getting on with the magic of growing inside me whilst our days unfold around them.

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