Project 52: January

Project 52 Toddler at Troopers hillWeek one // A muddy walk at Trooper’s Hill. Two years in and I still forget to pack the wellies 90% of the time. I never seem to remember tissues either. So he’s often got wet feet and a runny nose but hey, he’s happy.

Project 52 Toddler with whit dianna mini camera

Week two // He’s obsessed with taking photos (I wonder why?!) so I gave him my mini Dianna to play with. Maybe one day in about five years time I’ll develop this roll of film and discover some toddler’s eye view of the world…or most likely they’ll all be black “portraits” of his little hand over the lens.

Project 52 Toddler with toy basketball

Week three // Oh, these little hands and the squeals of delight that accompany a simple game of hoop and ball.

Week four//

Casper: A Saturday trip to the city farm ended with our car breaking down and a lot of waiting around. By the end of the day everyone was cold and tired and a little grumpy, but let’s remember the¬†bright frosty morning, visiting the animals, my giant bump, hot chocolate warming little hands – our last weekend as a family of three.

Indy: …and then there was you.

Project 52 Toddler

Week five //

C: Sometimes Daddy’s version of the bath and bed routine involves an evening mosh to 90’s punk music. I can’t say it seems very relaxing but this kid thinks it’s the best.

I: Our chilled little bub with his funny froggy legs

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