Weekend Wanderings: By the seaside at the end of summer

The September sunshine we were blessed with this year was so good for my soul. Before I felt ready to embrace the seasonal shift, I sorely needed just a few more warm days, a little longer to not worry about layers, just a couple more ice lollies in the sun, dinners in the garden and a day by the sea.⁣

Our little family of three headed to Clevedon for the afternoon a couple of weekends ago.  The sun was bright and warm but there was a cool breeze blowing through the little town. With a bucket and spade and sandwiches packed in our tote, we made our way to the small pebble beach that sits below the grand old pier. As we ate we watched the waves and boats and watched out for seagulls! Casper marvelled at the brightly coloured kites being flow by children nearby. He knew what they were from his books and puzzles but had never actually seen one in real life. What a strange and wonderful thing to still be so new in the world that there’s so much to see and discover.

After our picnic, we peered into rock pools, found treasures amongst the pebbles and wandered hand in hand down to the water’s edge.

Then it was on to the pier. Which we had last strolled along on cold January day, as bleary-eyed new parents with a one-month-old babe who cried the entire time as the wind blew through his pram. That was almost two years and a lifetime ago. This time, that same baby gleefully ran along the wooden pier and had to be gently reminded to not climb up on the benches to peer down at the sea below.

Sea air, salted caramel ice cream, a pocket full of sea glass, a sweet Indian Summer day to cherish. It was all I needed to feel ready to welcome autumn with open arms.

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