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Making time for creativity this season

November 14, 2019


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There’s something about this time of year that sparks my creativity into overdrive – the autumnal colours, the misty mornings, being stuck indoors on a rainy day; it all just makes me want to get crafting, baking and making.

“The days that seem the most dreary,
Are perfect for being creative and cosy”

A few years ago I discovered this lovely song by Kimya Dawson (you’ll know her from the Juno soundtrack). The lyrics – all about setting intentions while the leaves are falling to see you strong through winter – speak so deeply to my Autumn loving soul. Especially the above quote, it just sums up how many of us feel so perfectly. Is there anything better than being cosy and creative on a dreary day?

I recently shared a poll on Instagram and 84% of those who answered also find themselves feeling more creative at this time of year. It has got me thinking, how can we make the most of this creative energy? Can we go beyond simply embracing a seasonal project or craft and perhaps establish new creative habits?

Autumnal enthusiasm aside, we often find ourselves feeling that we don’t have the time to be as creative as often as we’d like. However, I believe that a little consideration and preparation can go a long way towards helping moments of creativity flow more easily every day.

This is something that has particularly been on my mind recently. Coming to the end of two months of house renovations has given me the opportunity to really think about how I want to use our living space. I want a home that supports a simple and creative life. Supplies and playthings should be easily accessible; so whether we fancy painting, baking a cake or making music the things we need are on hand.

I appreciate I’m coming at this from the position of spending most of my days at home with a toddler but, even if you don’t have young kids in the mix, I believe the same concepts of making things simple and accessible can apply to all. Keep the supplies for your hobby or craft easy to get at, your musical instrument out and not hidden away in its case, a notebook and pen to hand at all times or your “big” camera somewhere you’ll reach for it (with the battery charged!).

It isn’t about expecting to feel creatively inspired all the time, but rather making it part of your rhythm. For me, it’s the small moments that add up to the feeling that I am living a more creative life.

As the hours of daylight decrease and the cold weather encourages you indoors to keep cosy, it really is the perfect time to consider how to honour your creativity this season. Don’t wait until the new year, why not set intentions now to make this winter a creative one? ✨

Here are some ideas for a few lovely ways to embrace creativity this season. I’ll certainly be doing most of these myself…

// Declutter and rearrange your space with prioritising creativity in mind.
// Have a go at writing morning pages.
// Forage for seasonal treasures to decorate your home.
// Bake things!
// Book onto a workshop.
// Get crafting for Christmas.
// Join in a creative hashtag project on Instagram (or start your own).
// Keep your hobby or craft supply underneath the sofa – ‘Netflix and create’ if you will!
// Take a creative e-course. Or, if you’re anything like me, dust off one you bought earlier.
//Meditate on creativity.
// Make a seasonal playlist.


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Baking with baby (…and some thoughts about blogging for the joy of it)

March 29, 2019


Baking with baby Baking with babyBaking with baby

A funny thing about blogging, Instagramming and sharing your life online is that it’s hard not to end up viewing things in terms of content and strategy. I find this, in turn, leads to a whole lot of rules and ‘SHOULDS’ to follow. Things such as; I should mix up my content to keep it interesting, not post too much of the same thing. I should be following a content plan that fits into my business strategy to attract new creative mentoring clients. And I should always, but always, be mindful of the value of my content for YOU dear reader! And of course, these things are worth considering as guidance when thinking about what you are creating and sharing with the world. But, do you ever find that over-worrying about all the rules you should be following can totally zap the joy out of posting? That sometimes the SHOULDS get in the way of you actually creating and sharing at all?

I definitely do. Take this post. I’ve delayed posting it for ages because I found myself massively overthinking what I’m sharing on my blog – “I should break up two baby photo heavy posts in a row. There’s no value. It’s not shareable. No one cares!” When all I really wanted to do was share in my little corner of the internet a morning I spent making flapjacks with my son. It sounds pretty silly when written down like that doesn’t it? I wouldn’t blame you for having a little giggle at the ridiculousness of it all. But I maybe a few of you might be nodding along.

There’s so much (usually) brilliant advice out there when it comes to how to make the most of sharing content online, but, I think we can have a tendency to get hung up on particular points and use them as a stick to beat ourselves with.  For me, it seems to be worrying about whether what I’m sharing seems ‘valuable’. Thinking that posts need to be more useful or at least inspirational in some way. But what seems particularly silly, is that the blogs I love the most, are exactly those that share simple snippets of everyday family life. Ones such as Homesong or Deer Circus. Reading about the little moments in people’s lives is joyful, and actually often very inspiring, to me.

More and more I’m feeling like what I want this space to be for is simply sharing little stories of my life, as and when I feel the urge. Sure, sometimes they may well be stories about business or creativity but sometimes they might just be tales of motherhood that go a little something like this…

Baking with babyBaking with babyBaking with babyThere’s something about baking in the morning that just sets you up for a good day. It’s hard not to feel smug happy when by 11 am you’ve made a batch of homemade baby-friendly snacks to last the next few days. Well, a few days in theory. In practice, as they are also rather mama-friendly, they don’t last all that long at all!

I’m loving that we can do more hands-on activities together as Casper gets older. He’s absolutely not a baby anymore! It’s a learning curve, figuring out how we can do things like baking and crafts together in a way that is enjoyable for us both. It’s not always smooth sailing. But on this morning, flapjacks were a success – albeit a very messy, oats everywhere kind of successAnd let’s not even talk about food hygiene practice.

Despite being eaten in little fistfuls and strewn across the dining room, enough mixture seemed to find it’s way into the oven and soon filled the house with that deliciously comforting baking smell.

And briefly to get back to my point about blogging for the joy of it… As I write the first draft of this post, on the notes app on my phone, Casper is snoozing on my chest. We had a rough night and I woke up feeling tired and touched out. But as I quietly tap away on my phone, as his cheek rest against my breast, I’m gently carving out some time for me and my creativity. I’m writing just for the joy of it and in the process, managing to reconnect with myself and my baby. And you know what? I think making another batch of flapjacks is just what we need this friendly Flapjacks

By the way, we followed this recipe as a great base for sugar-free baby-friendly flapjacks, making some additions and adjustments along the way based on what we had in our cupboard – it just might be this post is kind of useful to you after all  😉

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