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Playlist: Toddler Tunes Late Summer ’19

October 9, 2019


One morning recently I put on the radio to rouse my sleepy toddler from his rare lie-in.  Moments later, he sat up proclaimed “hear music!” and promptly started dancing on the bed. This kid of mine literally wakes up dancing!

Music is such an important part of our rhythm. Soundtracking our days together at home, it helps set the mood and nothing will chase away the grumps quicker than a little boogie.

Here’s a playlist of the tunes we’ve been singing along and dancing around our dining room to over the last few months. I like curating a playlist of songs that although aren’t especially for kids have elements that Casper can really engage with. There are lots of animals hidden amongst the lyrics of this collection – he loves roaring during the First Aid Kit track, clapping along with Shirley Ellis and replying “What!” to Lizzo!

I will admit I’ve refrained from including his most requested track. No matter how much he enjoys my indie leanings he shouts “More MOVE IT!” at the speaker multiple times a day. Thank you, Madagascar!

I know it’s all feeling rather autumnal but I think these sunny tunes will help perk up grey days. Enjoy with a toddler or without!

Track Listing

Barry Louis Polisar – All I Want is You
This Is The Kit – Magic Spell
First Aid Kit – The Lions Roar
Graham Coxon – Perfect Love
Shirley Ellis- The Clapping Song
Lizzo – Juice
Metronomy – Salted Caramel Ice Cream
The Beatles – Baby It’s You
The Whites – Kepp on the Sunny Side
Kimya Dawson – Sleep

Introducing ‘Friends With Business Benefits’: A podcast for creatives

December 3, 2018


Friends With Business Benefits Logo

I’ve launched a podcast!!! If you follow me on Instagram you *may* have heard me talking about it. 😉 Friends With Business Benefits is live and available to download on your podcast app now.

I’m co-hosting the show alongside my business bestie Franky (also known as Love Audrey). Franky and I have been having regular co-mentoring sessions for almost two years. Working for yourself can be lonely at times but through our monthly co-mentoring meetups we’ve found the support and accountability we were craving in our working lives. You can hear all about what co-mentoring is and how we do it in our very first episode. Also, Franky’s blog post on five things she’s gained from co-mentoring is a great read if you want to know more.

Our podcast will be an extension of our co-mentoring sessions, as we share our conversations and delve into the type of topics that have come up for us again and again as we navigate self-employed life. We’ll be chatting about money and pricing, habits and productivity, social media and marketing and everything in between. We’re hoping our fellow freelancers and creative business owners will find the show enjoyable, useful and relatable and we absolutely want to hear your opinion on these topics too. Share with us using the hashtag #friendswithbizbenefits and tag us in your posts @_charlieswift and @loveaudrey83.

Subscribe here

I’m ridiculously happy to be ending 2018 finally being able to call myself a podcaster and I’m so excited to share these conversations with you.

My Winter Playlist

December 3, 2017


It’s all a bit “here’s one I made earlier” for Blogmas post day three. This is a playlist I return to every year around this time. A playlist of songs that aren’t quite Chrismassy but seem to evoke the seasonal spirit.

It’s perfect if you’re feeling festive but you have already had your fill of Mariah…maybe you’re a Grinchy Christmas music hater, or maybe you just love folky types singing about winter – either way, this one’s for you!

Winter Winds: Track List

Kate Bush – Army Dreamers
Antony and the Johnsons – For Today I am A Boy
Mumford & Sons – Winter Winds
Laura Marling – Goodbye England Covered In Snow
Martin Grech – Push
The Staves – Winter Trees
Joni Mitchell – River
Matthew and the Atlas – Come Out Of The Woods
Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah

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Autumn: A Playlist

October 10, 2017


Holding red autumn leaf in the woods

I began creating a new autumnal playlist with a bit of a different vibe to all the others out there, but then I though… if Fleet Foxes aren’t included on your track list have you even made an autumn playlist though?

So, although I’ve popped in a couple of random songs I’m loving into the mix too, here’s a good old folk-tastic, seasonally inspired playlist. Perfect for soundtracking car trips through beautiful golden countryside, cosy afternoons spent at home or solo walks through the park with scrunching leaves underfoot.

Track Listing

First Aid Kit – Stay Gold (Spotify Session)
Fleet Foxes – If you Need To, Keep Time On Me
Matthew and the Atlas – Temple (acoustic version)
Kimya Dawson – Solid and Strong
Jens Lekman – A Postcard to Nina
Bombay Bicycle Club – Autumn
Nat King Cole – Autumn Leaves
Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong – Autumn in New York
The White Stripes – We’re Going To Be Friends
Emmy The Great – Paper Forest (In The Afterglow of Rapture)
Emiliana Torrini – Autumn Sun
Amanda Palmer – Bed Song

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Playlist: Winter Winds

November 27, 2016


Winter Winds playlist

This is a playlist I return to every year around this time. A playlist of songs that aren’t quite Chrismassy but seem to evoke the seasonal spirit.

It’s perfect if you’re beginning to feel festive but you aren’t quite ready to embrace Bing just yet…maybe you’re a Grinchy Christmas music hater, or maybe you just love folky types singing about winter – either way, this one’s for you!

Track List

Kate Bush – Army Dreamers
Antony and the Johnsons – For Today I am A Boy
Mumford & Sons – Winter Winds
Laura Marling – Goodbye England Covered In Snow
Martin Grech – Push
The Staves – Winter Trees
Joni Mitchell – River
Matthew and the Atlas – Come Out Of The Woods
Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah

Check out my other playlists and recommendations in the Music + Playlists series.

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My Loves: ‘Reversal Of The Muse’ Podcast

September 23, 2016


reversal of the muse podcast, Laura Marling

I am a podcast junkie – I listen to them on a daily basis and love their company when walking or travelling, whilst working, when I’m doing house chores or in the wee hours during bouts of insomnia.

As I listen to them so much I’m always on the hunt for new shows to download and my current favourite new discovery is a show called ‘Reversal Of The Muse’. The podcast is hosted by the amazing Laura Marling and features Laura in conversation with a variety of fellow female musicians and women who work in the music industry.

“Reversal Of The Muse began as conversations between friends about female creativity.
In reversing the muse it became an experiment.
As a small part of the global conversation about women in the arts, it became an obsession.
It occurred to me that in 10 years of making records I had only come across two female engineers working in studios.
Starting from my experience of being a woman I began to ask myself what difference it might have made had I had more women around, if any.I wanted to know why progress has been so slow in this area and what effect it would have on music.”

I’ve been telling everyone about this podcast and I wanted to share this recommendation here. I frankly feel it’s a bit weird that I’ve never really engaged with the fact that there is almost a complete lack of women involved in the technical side of music creation, so I feel like I can’t stress enough how great it is to hear these conversations.

Each episode has been fascinating to listen to and has really got me thinking – about women in music, female creativity and gender roles within the workplace in general. If you’ve listened to it I’d love to know your thoughts !

Listen to the podcast at or subscribe via iTunes.

Playlist: Last Days of Summer

September 18, 2016



I’ve made a playlist of new music for these last days of summer. Hazey tracks that suit the mood of this changeable weather and  won’t quite let go of the summer vibes.

Listen to this playlist it whilst enjoying the September sun or during your last barbeque of the year. Listen to it while getting cosy at home and dance around your house while it’s stormy outside (it’s a good playlist to dance to). Listen to it in between obsessively listening to the new Glass Animals album like I am.

Track List

Animal Collective – Golden Girl
Glass Animals – Youth
D.D Dumbo – Satan
DJ Shadow (feat Run the Jewels) – Nobody Speak
Sylvan Esso – Radio
Wild Beast – Big Cat
Radiohead – Identikit
BadBadNotGood (feat Samuel T. Herring) – Time Moves Slow
Metronomy – Night Owl
Michael Kiwanuka / Nas – Rule The Wold (I Came From the City)
ANOHI – Drone Bomb Me

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My Favourite Albums of 2016 So Far

August 8, 2016


5 Albums I'm Loving

We’re now over halfway through and it’s shaping up to be a pretty good year for new music in my opinion, so I thought I’d share my favourite albums of 2016 so far from releases from the first half of the year.

Anohni Hopelessness





Anohni – Hopelessness 

‘Hopelessness’ is the first album under the name of Anohni, formally Anthony & The Johnson’s. The beautiful and at times heart wrenching vocals coupled with really interesting, luscious electronic track production make this a pretty spectacular album.






Beyonce – Lemonade

If an album’s not on Spotify there’s very little chance I’m going to buy it to be honest, so despite the buzz I didn’t get into Beyonce’s latest when it first came out. However I recently caught a screening of the accompanying ‘Lemonade’ film on Sky Atlantic and now I’m hooked. Like seriously hooked – I. Can’t. Stop. Listening. To. Bey.






Damien Jurado – Visions of Us on the Land

Considering this is his twelfth album I’m not sure how I’ve managed to not be aware of Damien Jurado up until now! I love the sprawling, psychedelic Americana feel on this record. A great album to lose yourself in on headphones or perfect summer driving music.

David Bowie_blackstar-album-cover





David Bowie – Black Star

After his death I couldn’t really bring myself to listen to ‘Black Star’: it felt too raw and morbid. I sobbed my way through my old favourites instead. I think it will always be a hard record to listen to in some ways knowing that he recorded and release it knowing that it would be his last – but also… how awesome is that? What a beautiful parting gift he left us with.






Emmy The Great – Second Love

Emmy the Great’s first two records are some of my most listened to albums so I was pretty excited for her long-awaited third album. After a five-year gap ‘Second Love’ has quite a different feel to Emmy’s first two albums, but I’ve been digging the new sound and the new songs sat perfectly next to her old ones when I saw her live earlier this year.

Golden Rules Golden Ticket





Golden Rules – Golden Ticket

When I’m not listening to all this indie and folk I love a bit of hip hop and Golden Ticket has been an album on heavy rotation this year. A super groovy collaboration between a London based producer Paul White and Floridian rapper Eric Biddines, the later has this brilliant Andre 3000 sort of drawl which I just love.






The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come To Expect

After seeing them at Bristol Summer Series at the end of June ago I’m having quite a The Last Shadow Puppets moment and it’s not all because of Alex Turner’s hips (really). ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ is a great rock & roll album.

laura gibson empire builder





Laura Gibson – Empire Builder

Although she’s not someone I’ve come across until recently, the latest album from Laura Gibson has been a big favourite of mine over the last few months. Putting me in mind of the likes of First Aid Kit and Alela Diane, Empire Builder is definitely a record to add to my ‘one day I’ll live in a cabin in the mountains‘ playlist! Beautiful, melancholic folk at it’s finest.

Matthew and the Atlas Temple





Matthew and the Atlas – Temple

More beautiful, goosebump-inducing, folky sounds; the second album from Matthew and the Atlas is just pretty darn lovely.

Savages adore life





Savages – Adore Life

It took me a while to get into Savage’s second album but now I think I prefer it to their brilliant first ‘Silence Yourself’. When only some loud music will do to fit my mood, Savages are my go-to, and if you haven’t had a chance to catch them live, do it – Jehnny Beth is hands down one of the best front people I’ve seen!


You can listen to all my favourite albums of 2016 so far (bar Beyonce – sorry) on Spotify. Along with my top records I’ve also been digging the new albums from Radiohead, Daughter, Cait Le Bon and Lail Arad. And with new drops just arrived or on their way from the likes of Bat For Lashes, Metronomy, Glass Animals and Avalanches I think 2016 is gonna be a good album year indeed! Do feel free to follow me on Spotify here to see what I’m listening to.

What new albums are soundtracking your life at the moment?

Playlist: Signs Of Spring

March 22, 2016


Cherry Blossom Against Blue Sky

Here’s one I made early… I created this playlist last year but have been falling for it all over again now that spring in the air. For me this sweet collection of tracks captures the joyous but changeable nature of the season; with plenty of weather references thrown in for good measure.

Check it out and save to your Spotify playlists via the player below.

Track List

Alex Turner – It’s Hard To Get Around The Wind
José González – Leaf Off / The Cave
Alt-J – Taro
Laura Marling – False Hope
Graham Coxon – Perfect Love
Got A Girl – There’s A Revolution
Sylvan Esso – Dress
SOAK – Sea Creatures
Ibeyi – Weatherman

My last playlist: Women On Womanhood

Women on Womanhood: A Playlist For International Women’s Day

March 9, 2016


Women on Womanhood Playlist

Welcome sisters! As you may well be aware yesterday, March 8th, marked International Women’s Day. The annual event strives to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women across the globe whilst recognising and raising awareness that we have yet to achieve gender equality.

To celebrate International Women’s Day I’ve put together a collection of tracks by some of my favourite female artists and female fronted bands. I’ve looked to choose songs that speak in some way about what it is to be a female in society today or at least ones that resonate with my own experiences as a lady making her way in this world.

Have a listen & save to your playlists via the Spotify player below:


Emmy The Great – A Woman, A Woman, a Century of Sleep
Daughter – Mothers
Laura Marling – I Speak Because I Can
Courtney Barnett – Avant Gardener
Marina and the Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot
Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work
Sinéad O’Connor – Red Football
Sharon Van Etten – I Know
Ibeyi – Mama Says
Angel Olsen – White Fire
Ani Difranco – The Story
Amanda Palmer – In My Mind

This is by no means an extensive list of songs by women about womanhood. I’d love to hear your suggestions of tracks that could be added to my Women on Womanhood playlist. Who are some of your favourite female artists?

International Women’s Day is celebrated across this week, with many events taking place at the weekend. Find out more information and explore events in your area here.

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